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Luceed Dashboard is an application that allows you to monitor multiple data sources in real time.

Our goal is to show visually KPI indicators for all parts of the business and to get insight into current situation of your business with one snapshot of performance

Main options:

  • Real-time data display simultaneous display of data from multiple systems (ERP, people counter, mobile, web shop, CRM, telephone, …)
  • detailed insight into a particular segment (selection of the branch office gives KPIs only for this branch)
  • visual display in “watches”, charts, tables, tabs
  • display data on a mobile phone, tablet, TV in the office / warehouse, computer / notebook


Luceed Dashboard can be used for:

  • retail
  • web shops
  • logistics
  • wholesale
  • WMS
  • curries
  • call centres


Check out the Dashboard – here.

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