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Integrations are necessary and an integral part of each ERP

The main objectives of each integration are:
  • speed of information flow
  • accuracy of information
  • minimum time consumption


Let’s take a look how much time is spent before and after integration, on an example of delivery services:
Your company sends 200 shipments a day. Without integration to records each shipment it takes 90 seconds, and with the integration only 20. Direct time savings is almost 4h per day, which is 1.040 h per year, ie 130 working days or 6.5 months.
When compared to the average wage in the Republic of Croatia, direct savings only in this segment is 65,000 kn.
To maximally optimize your processes and maximize efficiency, our team works on new integrations every day.

Below is a part of the integration that has already been installed in Luceed ERP.


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