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When we say that we learn a lot, it’s not because we sit in a classroom all together and hold lectures (well, we do it through internal education). The true source of experience and knowledge is every new implementation for users from different areas of business, totally different that the previous ones, or similar but with completely different processes … Then, book publishing, from work orders to book-keeping, costs monitoring per project, and shortly after that amusement park with x locals, bracelets, tickets … Than projects in neighboring countries …

A lot? Too much? No, we just need to see who fits best which process and then profile each person to appropriate position, and the progresses of each of our employee depends on the abilities and affinity shown. Someone will “find” in commodity processes, pallet warehouses and integration with delivery services, someone in the procurement and optimization of the distribution of goods, and some in the challenges of accounting monitoring and reporting. Documentation also needs to be written by a net, while one will enjoy in doing education and “direct” contact with clients.

And programmers? A special story … our director would say “you just need to think logicaly and love programming and troublesholving!”. Technology is not important, if at this point we do not use some tools you would like to use, nobody says we will not in the future ?! Maybe we accept your suggestion as well as that it may be more desirable for you to work “remote” than sitting all day in the office.



Basically, in Tomsoft is:

interesting           dynamically            flexible           stimulating           safe            new challenging          team oriented           organized        effectively            pleasent       fun       positive

If you choosen at least 6 out of 12 responses, what are you still waiting for, sign in! Testing process is not that terrible, and maybe it will be the first step to the job you want!



 Employee experience

Nataša Šušas

Implementacija poslovnih rješenja

After years of experience in finance and accounting, from small companies to corporations, I had an opportunity to be part of the team in "family" company again. From my experience, this seems to me a great advantage, because in this environment, the work and effort of the individual is more appreciated. With friendly atmosphere and professional team, every day I face new challenges. On the consultant's position in the implementation department, I develop and update my existing knowledge on a daily basis, turn theoretical knowledge into practice, and also propose new solutions for improving the entire system. In addition, through the education for users I transfer my knowledge to others, and the most satisfying is to see the result of my work through the results of other people. Apart from the great personal satisfaction, it is, of course, a motivation for the future, especially because my efforts have been recognized by the employer.

Andrej Ugarković

Sales assistant

Hello, After almost 5 years of work in the leading Telecom operator, I decided to change my position and to start working in a smaller company and I want to share this experience with you. Although I changed a number of positions in the previous workplace, from the service for private users to sales assistant to medium-sized business users, I was not satisfied with the employer because most of my working hours I had a feeling that nobody cares about me, and my colleagues were changing almost daily . By coming to Tomsoft, I had some sort of relief and got a certain amount of security. Every day I have contact with most of my colleagues and everything is settled almost instantly to the satisfaction of the user. There are no 5 or more superiors for whom you have to wait for answers within a few days until someone decides whether it can or can not do so, simply make one call and go ahead, the user gets the service he wants in a record time and everyone is happy. After I came here all of my colleagues were very kind from the first day, and at any moment they were open to help. Even today, nothing has changed, no groups are created as in a larger corporation, but everyone is looking at you equally no matter you are new in company. I must admit that I am very pleased with this workplace and I would not change it with my own will. One of the rare companies in today's time where you feel satisfied at your workplace, and where you do not need to worry about whether your employer will pay off your salary or not, where you do not have to worry if you will be told tomorrow that there is no need for your position as I worried before. Hello, Andrej

Petar Godinić

System administrator

I work in Tomsoft just over a year and I have only positive experiences. I work in technical support and my job is everything but boring and monotonous. Every day I meet new tasks and challenges and by that I learn something new. If I am not sure what to do, I can always contact my mentor or some of the colleagues that have grate experience. In addition to HW, I also deal heavily with virtual servers, so I have learned a lot and advanced in the administrative area. Team in company is just great. We often have team buildings, what I really like, because socializing is not in the business environment. Overall, I am happy with my work in Tomsoft.

Tomislav Paulić

IT department manager

I joined Tomsoft in 2000, starting as a system administrator. The years of learning, improvement and maturation followed, and the effort was recognized by the management, so I was promoted to the IT department manager. How far the company progressed is also the fact that at the beginning there were only four employees, while today there are 26 employees and several students. The working atmosphere is motivating and active, new technologies are adopted every day and they are improving their knowledge and skills. Over the years, I have often been a mentor to new employees and students, and I have always tried to transfer my knowledge to quality in order to better profiling new team members. Our primary task is to provide technical support to users, and their satisfaction is an additional motivation. As more and more users are turning to the cloud business system lately, new are looking for new professionals in this segment.

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