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By successful awarding and signing of the Grant Agreement between the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts and the Croatian Agency for Small Business, Innovation and Investments with Tomsoft doo, started the process of implementing of the project “Procurement of new equipment to the new product and increasing the competitiveness of Tomsoft“, applied to the E-impulse.The period of implementation of the project is from 01.10.2017. until 01.03.2018.

The project is currently in the phase of installing new equipment (hardware and software) and integrating design solutions that are needed to produce a new product for which the potential market is identified, as well as the implementation of targeted marketing measures. By implementing the project, the company will expand its business and introduce a new product into an assortment which will lead not only to the preservation of existing jobs but also to new employment.

In September 2016, the project was submitted to the Call for Proposals for the E-Pulse Project Proposal from the European Regional Development Fund. The project leader is Tomsoft doo, and the main goal of the project is not only to improve the business and competitiveness of Tomsoft, but also to improve the business of all their client companies, which will contribute to the final product of this investment, which in a wider sense contributes to economic development at the level of the Republic of Croatia, so EU funds invested in this project are multi-profitable.

The value of the project is 390.100 kunas, of which the European Union co-finances 64% of eligible costs, or 167.808,00 kunas

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Meri Ivančević –

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