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Sales Control Center -> from the initial order through the approved sales order to the delivery and invoice

  • tracking of the sales process from the initial order to the receipt of goods on stock by status
  • possibility of partial delivery and collective billing
  • Easily tracking of inventory and availability in real time
  • Planning of procurement according to sales, reservations and existing inventory orders


Prices and discounts management

  • Upload of pre-defined price lists for individual partners
  • definition of prices and discounts by partners and partner levels
  • control of partner limits on multiple levels (group of partners, amount, days of delays)
  • uploading of supplier catalogue
  • sales campaigns


Operations and reporting

  • linking billing with offers and automated prepayment invoices issue
  • reservations of items
  • e-invoices
  • analysis of turnover according to the desired parameters
With Luceed options, maximise automation of wholesale processes!

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